How to Update Member ID in Profile

May 4, 2015 by  

To all members of the Western Los Angeles County Council:

The National Office of the BSA is undergoing a significant effort to upgrade systems and processes that will bring efficiencies to how the Scouting program is administered. As part of this undertaking, several training courses are available as online learning.

In order to automatically receive credit for taking these online training courses, each individual’s Member ID needs to be associated with their profile.  Please take a moment today to take this action, or verify it has already been completed.  The attached document provides instructions on how to do this starting with the screen you see upon logging in to

The Council is (W.L.A.C.C. – Van Nuys,CA – #051) selected from the drop down menu and the Member ID can be found on your registration card.  Remember to click the “Add” button to save your updates.


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