2022 Webelos Overnighter

Here is the chance for your Webelos and AOL scouts to check out the Troops they may be interested in joining after bridging from Cub Scouts.

TroopDateEvent InformationContact Information
Troop 2019GSeptember 24-25thFlyerEmail Troop
Troop 48October 15-16thFlyer
Email Troop
Troop 2October 22-23rdFlyerEmail Troop
Troop 583November 5-6thFlyerEmail Troop
Troop 609November 5-6thFlyerEmail Troop
Troop 303November 19-20thFlyerEmail Troop
Troop 58
Troop 228November 5-6thFlyerEmail Troop
Troop 2222December 17thFlyerEmail Troop
Troop 583January 28thFlyerEmail Troop
Information Coming Soon On