Each week we will post a new challenge.  Any scout interested in participating will submit a picture of their completed project.  

Every Sunday, we will announce the winners for each category.  



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How Fast Can you Say the Scout Law?







Citizenship means being a member of and supporting one’s community and country. As Scouts, let’s show our support for our country and fellow citizens! 


This week we are challenging everyone to draw a picture of the American flag and place it in your window. Send us photos of your Scouts and their flags. Let’s show the community that our Scouts care! 


Helping Others:

Right now, Scouts and Scout Leaders are mobilizing to help our neighbors and serve as a force for the greater good for our community. Scouts are hosting food drives, sewing masks and writing letters to nursing homes all to help others during this time.


Send us photos or a video of how your Scout is helping others in the community at a safe distance.

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