Cub Scout Spotlight – November

James from Pack 580

James, age 6,

joined Cub Scout Pack 580 (Castaic) in 2019 as a Lion  James is currently a Tiger and truly exemplifies what a Scout should be. Upon joining he was quiet, shy and reserved but that didn’t stop this mighty Lion from going above and beyond in every aspect of his life from home, school and Scouting.


Being one of the youngest boys in a Cub Scout Pack they are often overshadowed by the “older, more experienced” Scouts but this is not the case with James. During 2019 popcorn sales James far surpassed Pack 580’s “minimum” fundraising requirement but that didn’ts top him. James continued to push himself to achieve his personal goal. James was  a top Pack 580 seller but also in the top 50 for WLACC. James worked with other Scouts to “help” them achieve their goal always with a giant smile and positive attitude.


James has recently started attending Pack 580 Wolf den meetings and his attitude continues to astound Pack 580 Leadership. Being younger than the other Scouts this does not stop James from pushing himself physically, mentally and personally to hang with the “big boys.” Even though James is young and new to Scouting this is one Scout to keep an eye on! He embodies every aspect of the Scout Law and is a role model to all, young and old